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 Amazing Pets

The Grand Country Music Hall Theatre
1945 W. Hwy 76
Branson, MO

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Branson, Missouri is known for its fantastic selection and variety of shows, but of all the shows Branson offers there are very few of them that will hold the interest of a child for more than a few minutes. Grand Country’s Amazing Pet Show is one of those shows.

The good news for moms, dads, grandparents, and us “older kids” is that the show, while holding a child’s interest is a wonderful entertainment experience for adults too. A large part of the show’s enjoyment is the flow and ebb of its various elements comedy, audience participation, magic, “Frankie”, and the “amazing pets.”

That flow is controlled by Sean Paul who masterfully integrates the various elements of the show into an entertainment experience for “kids” of all ages. Sean Paul’s experience with providing entertainment for corporate group events gives him the expertise, talent, and ability to take what could be a “kids only” show and make it into an entertainment experience that will appeal to everyone. Of course the fact he also happens to be a magician, comedian, animal trainer, entertainer, and Frankie’s “dad” doesn’t hurt anything either.

After Stanley the Bell Hop, played by Chris Stanley, warms up the crowd with his comedy antics and balloon artistry, Sean Paul introduces his lovely wife, Juliane and their “son Frankie.” To everyone’s delight “Frankie” turns out to be a cute Capuchins monkey that Sean Paul and Juliane have had for about seven years. Sean Paul said that for all practical purposes, Frankie is a member of their family, traveling with them just about everywhere they go and living in their home.

Frankie’s integration into the show is flawlessly done. In some areas, such as in one of the most unusual and humorous “Question and Answer” sessions a person will ever see, he plays a major part and in others a peripheral role, but his presence on stage at strategic times during the show, thanks to the backstage preparation and assistance of Juliane, always proves interesting and exciting.

Three diverse elements provide the transition from one step of the show to the next. The first is Sean Paul’s magic, the second his comedy and the third is the audience participation of different age children. All are artfully used throughout the show and without spoiling the surprise, involve all aspects of the show from rice toilet paper to Frankie and the dreaded and deadly “Mamba” and one of the cutest and most memorable twosomes on a bike a person will ever see.

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